Our Hosts

Our podcast network is home to brilliant creators who are dedicated to providing quality audio programming. With expertise, insight, and distinct points of view across a diverse range of topics, our hosts have forged real connections with their loyal, curious listeners. The podcasts they produce have a lasting impact that only Vox Media can deliver.


Chris Plante

Executive editor of Polygon, co-host of The History of Fun and The Besties, and Host of What's Tech?

Ezra Klein Color

Ezra Klein

Editor-at-Large and Co-Founder of Vox, host of The Ezra Klein Show, and co-host of Vox's The Weeds

Grant Gordon Color

Grant Gordon

Director of Innovation Strategy at the International Rescue Committee and co-host of Displaced

Jason Del Ray Color 02

Jason Del Rey

Senior Correspondent for Recode and host of the first season of Land of the Giants: The Rise of Amazon

Liz Plank Color

Liz Plank

Senior Producer and Correspondent for Vox Media and co-host of Divided States of Women